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llvm::SCCPInstVisitor Class Reference

Helper class for SCCPSolver. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addAnalysis (Function &F, AnalysisResultsForFn A)
void visitCallInst (CallInst &I)
bool markBlockExecutable (BasicBlock *BB)
const PredicateBasegetPredicateInfoFor (Instruction *I)
DomTreeUpdater getDTU (Function &F)
 SCCPInstVisitor (const DataLayout &DL, std::function< const TargetLibraryInfo &(Function &)> GetTLI, LLVMContext &Ctx)
void trackValueOfGlobalVariable (GlobalVariable *GV)
void addTrackedFunction (Function *F)
void addToMustPreserveReturnsInFunctions (Function *F)
bool mustPreserveReturn (Function *F)
void addArgumentTrackedFunction (Function *F)
bool isArgumentTrackedFunction (Function *F)
void solve ()
bool resolvedUndefsIn (Function &F)
 resolvedUndefsIn - While solving the dataflow for a function, we assume that branches on undef values cannot reach any of their successors. More...
bool isBlockExecutable (BasicBlock *BB) const
bool isEdgeFeasible (BasicBlock *From, BasicBlock *To) const
std::vector< ValueLatticeElementgetStructLatticeValueFor (Value *V) const
void removeLatticeValueFor (Value *V)
const ValueLatticeElementgetLatticeValueFor (Value *V) const
const MapVector< Function *, ValueLatticeElement > & getTrackedRetVals ()
const DenseMap< GlobalVariable *, ValueLatticeElement > & getTrackedGlobals ()
const SmallPtrSet< Function *, 16 > getMRVFunctionsTracked ()
void markOverdefined (Value *V)
bool isStructLatticeConstant (Function *F, StructType *STy)
ConstantgetConstant (const ValueLatticeElement &LV) const
SmallPtrSetImpl< Function * > & getArgumentTrackedFunctions ()
void markArgInFuncSpecialization (Function *F, const SmallVectorImpl< ArgInfo > &Args)
void markFunctionUnreachable (Function *F)
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::InstVisitor< SCCPInstVisitor >
void visit (Iterator Start, Iterator End)
void visit (Module &M)
void visit (Function &F)
void visit (BasicBlock &BB)
void visit (Module *M)
void visit (Function *F)
void visit (BasicBlock *BB)
void visit (Instruction *I)
void visit (Instruction &I)
void visitModule (Module &M)
void visitFunction (Function &F)
void visitBasicBlock (BasicBlock &BB)
void visitICmpInst (ICmpInst &I)
void visitFCmpInst (FCmpInst &I)
void visitAllocaInst (AllocaInst &I)
void visitLoadInst (LoadInst &I)
void visitStoreInst (StoreInst &I)
void visitAtomicCmpXchgInst (AtomicCmpXchgInst &I)
void visitAtomicRMWInst (AtomicRMWInst &I)
void visitFenceInst (FenceInst &I)
void visitGetElementPtrInst (GetElementPtrInst &I)
void visitPHINode (PHINode &I)
void visitTruncInst (TruncInst &I)
void visitZExtInst (ZExtInst &I)
void visitSExtInst (SExtInst &I)
void visitFPTruncInst (FPTruncInst &I)
void visitFPExtInst (FPExtInst &I)
void visitFPToUIInst (FPToUIInst &I)
void visitFPToSIInst (FPToSIInst &I)
void visitUIToFPInst (UIToFPInst &I)
void visitSIToFPInst (SIToFPInst &I)
void visitPtrToIntInst (PtrToIntInst &I)
void visitIntToPtrInst (IntToPtrInst &I)
void visitBitCastInst (BitCastInst &I)
void visitAddrSpaceCastInst (AddrSpaceCastInst &I)
void visitSelectInst (SelectInst &I)
void visitVAArgInst (VAArgInst &I)
void visitExtractElementInst (ExtractElementInst &I)
void visitInsertElementInst (InsertElementInst &I)
void visitShuffleVectorInst (ShuffleVectorInst &I)
void visitExtractValueInst (ExtractValueInst &I)
void visitInsertValueInst (InsertValueInst &I)
void visitLandingPadInst (LandingPadInst &I)
void visitFuncletPadInst (FuncletPadInst &I)
void visitCleanupPadInst (CleanupPadInst &I)
void visitCatchPadInst (CatchPadInst &I)
void visitFreezeInst (FreezeInst &I)
void visitDbgDeclareInst (DbgDeclareInst &I)
void visitDbgValueInst (DbgValueInst &I)
void visitDbgVariableIntrinsic (DbgVariableIntrinsic &I)
void visitDbgLabelInst (DbgLabelInst &I)
void visitDbgInfoIntrinsic (DbgInfoIntrinsic &I)
void visitMemSetInst (MemSetInst &I)
void visitMemCpyInst (MemCpyInst &I)
void visitMemCpyInlineInst (MemCpyInlineInst &I)
void visitMemMoveInst (MemMoveInst &I)
void visitMemTransferInst (MemTransferInst &I)
void visitMemIntrinsic (MemIntrinsic &I)
void visitVAStartInst (VAStartInst &I)
void visitVAEndInst (VAEndInst &I)
void visitVACopyInst (VACopyInst &I)
void visitIntrinsicInst (IntrinsicInst &I)
void visitCallInst (CallInst &I)
void visitInvokeInst (InvokeInst &I)
void visitCallBrInst (CallBrInst &I)
void visitReturnInst (ReturnInst &I)
void visitBranchInst (BranchInst &I)
void visitSwitchInst (SwitchInst &I)
void visitIndirectBrInst (IndirectBrInst &I)
void visitResumeInst (ResumeInst &I)
void visitUnreachableInst (UnreachableInst &I)
void visitCleanupReturnInst (CleanupReturnInst &I)
void visitCatchReturnInst (CatchReturnInst &I)
void visitCatchSwitchInst (CatchSwitchInst &I)
void visitTerminator (Instruction &I)
void visitCastInst (CastInst &I)
void visitUnaryOperator (UnaryOperator &I)
void visitBinaryOperator (BinaryOperator &I)
void visitCmpInst (CmpInst &I)
void visitUnaryInstruction (UnaryInstruction &I)
void visitCallBase (CallBase &I)
void visitInstruction (Instruction &I)


class InstVisitor< SCCPInstVisitor >

Detailed Description

Helper class for SCCPSolver.

This implements the instruction visitor and holds all the state.

Definition at line 67 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SCCPInstVisitor()

llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::SCCPInstVisitor ( const DataLayout DL,
std::function< const TargetLibraryInfo &(Function &)>  GetTLI,
LLVMContext Ctx 

Definition at line 350 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addAnalysis()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::addAnalysis ( Function F,
AnalysisResultsForFn  A 

◆ addArgumentTrackedFunction()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::addArgumentTrackedFunction ( Function F)

Definition at line 383 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References F, and llvm::SmallPtrSetImpl< PtrType >::insert().

◆ addToMustPreserveReturnsInFunctions()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::addToMustPreserveReturnsInFunctions ( Function F)

Definition at line 375 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References F, and llvm::SmallPtrSetImpl< PtrType >::insert().

◆ addTrackedFunction()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::addTrackedFunction ( Function F)

◆ getArgumentTrackedFunctions()

SmallPtrSetImpl<Function *>& llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::getArgumentTrackedFunctions ( )

Definition at line 449 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

◆ getConstant()

Constant * SCCPInstVisitor::getConstant ( const ValueLatticeElement LV) const

◆ getDTU()

DomTreeUpdater llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::getDTU ( Function F)

◆ getLatticeValueFor()

const ValueLatticeElement& llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::getLatticeValueFor ( Value V) const

◆ getMRVFunctionsTracked()

const SmallPtrSet<Function *, 16> llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::getMRVFunctionsTracked ( )

Definition at line 433 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

◆ getPredicateInfoFor()

const PredicateBase* llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::getPredicateInfoFor ( Instruction I)

◆ getStructLatticeValueFor()

std::vector<ValueLatticeElement> llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::getStructLatticeValueFor ( Value V) const

◆ getTrackedGlobals()

const DenseMap<GlobalVariable *, ValueLatticeElement>& llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::getTrackedGlobals ( )

Definition at line 429 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

◆ getTrackedRetVals()

const MapVector<Function *, ValueLatticeElement>& llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::getTrackedRetVals ( )

Definition at line 425 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

◆ isArgumentTrackedFunction()

bool llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::isArgumentTrackedFunction ( Function F)

Definition at line 387 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References llvm::SmallPtrSetImpl< PtrType >::count(), and F.

◆ isBlockExecutable()

bool llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::isBlockExecutable ( BasicBlock BB) const

Definition at line 395 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References BB.

◆ isEdgeFeasible()

bool SCCPInstVisitor::isEdgeFeasible ( BasicBlock From,
BasicBlock To 
) const

◆ isStructLatticeConstant()

bool SCCPInstVisitor::isStructLatticeConstant ( Function F,
StructType STy 

◆ markArgInFuncSpecialization()

void SCCPInstVisitor::markArgInFuncSpecialization ( Function F,
const SmallVectorImpl< ArgInfo > &  Args 

Definition at line 528 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References llvm::AMDGPU::HSAMD::Kernel::Key::Args, assert(), and F.

◆ markBlockExecutable()

bool SCCPInstVisitor::markBlockExecutable ( BasicBlock BB)

Definition at line 464 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References BB, llvm::dbgs(), and LLVM_DEBUG.

◆ markFunctionUnreachable()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::markFunctionUnreachable ( Function F)

Definition at line 456 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References BB, and F.

◆ markOverdefined()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::markOverdefined ( Value V)

Definition at line 437 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References llvm::numbers::e, llvm::Value::getType(), and i.

◆ mustPreserveReturn()

bool llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::mustPreserveReturn ( Function F)

Definition at line 379 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References llvm::SmallPtrSetImpl< PtrType >::count(), and F.

◆ removeLatticeValueFor()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::removeLatticeValueFor ( Value V)

◆ resolvedUndefsIn()

bool SCCPInstVisitor::resolvedUndefsIn ( Function F)

resolvedUndefsIn - While solving the dataflow for a function, we assume that branches on undef values cannot reach any of their successors.

However, this is not a safe assumption. After we solve dataflow, this method should be use to handle this. If this returns true, the solver should be rerun.

This method handles this by finding an unresolved branch and marking it one of the edges from the block as being feasible, even though the condition doesn't say it would otherwise be. This allows SCCP to find the rest of the CFG and only slightly pessimizes the analysis results (by marking one, potentially infeasible, edge feasible). This cannot usefully modify the constraints on the condition of the branch, as that would impact other users of the value.

This scan also checks for values that use undefs. It conservatively marks them as overdefined.

Definition at line 1469 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References BB, llvm::numbers::e, F, llvm::BlockAddress::get(), llvm::CallBase::getCalledFunction(), llvm::ConstantInt::getFalse(), llvm::Instruction::getSuccessor(), i, I, llvm::ValueLatticeElement::isUnknownOrUndef(), and SI.

◆ solve()

void SCCPInstVisitor::solve ( )

◆ trackValueOfGlobalVariable()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::trackValueOfGlobalVariable ( GlobalVariable GV)

◆ visitCallInst()

void llvm::SCCPInstVisitor::visitCallInst ( CallInst I)

Definition at line 333 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

References I.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ InstVisitor< SCCPInstVisitor >

friend class InstVisitor< SCCPInstVisitor >

Definition at line 277 of file SCCPSolver.cpp.

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