LLVM  14.0.0git
llvm::RISCVVType Namespace Reference


static bool isValidSEW (unsigned SEW)
static bool isValidLMUL (unsigned LMUL, bool Fractional)
unsigned encodeVTYPE (RISCVII::VLMUL VLMUL, unsigned SEW, bool TailAgnostic, bool MaskAgnostic)
static RISCVII::VLMUL getVLMUL (unsigned VType)
std::pair< unsigned, bool > decodeVLMUL (RISCVII::VLMUL VLMUL)
static unsigned decodeVSEW (unsigned VSEW)
static unsigned getSEW (unsigned VType)
static bool isTailAgnostic (unsigned VType)
static bool isMaskAgnostic (unsigned VType)
void printVType (unsigned VType, raw_ostream &OS)

Function Documentation

◆ decodeVLMUL()

std::pair< unsigned, bool > llvm::RISCVVType::decodeVLMUL ( RISCVII::VLMUL  VLMUL)

◆ decodeVSEW()

static unsigned llvm::RISCVVType::decodeVSEW ( unsigned  VSEW)

Definition at line 364 of file RISCVBaseInfo.h.

References assert().

Referenced by getSEW().

◆ encodeVTYPE()

unsigned llvm::RISCVVType::encodeVTYPE ( RISCVII::VLMUL  VLMUL,
unsigned  SEW,
bool  TailAgnostic,
bool  MaskAgnostic 

Definition at line 124 of file RISCVBaseInfo.cpp.

References assert(), isValidSEW(), and llvm::Log2_32().

◆ getSEW()

static unsigned llvm::RISCVVType::getSEW ( unsigned  VType)

◆ getVLMUL()

static RISCVII::VLMUL llvm::RISCVVType::getVLMUL ( unsigned  VType)

◆ isMaskAgnostic()

static bool llvm::RISCVVType::isMaskAgnostic ( unsigned  VType)

Definition at line 376 of file RISCVBaseInfo.h.

Referenced by printVType().

◆ isTailAgnostic()

static bool llvm::RISCVVType::isTailAgnostic ( unsigned  VType)

Definition at line 374 of file RISCVBaseInfo.h.

Referenced by isConvertibleToVMV_V_V(), and printVType().

◆ isValidLMUL()

static bool llvm::RISCVVType::isValidLMUL ( unsigned  LMUL,
bool  Fractional 

Definition at line 349 of file RISCVBaseInfo.h.

References llvm::isPowerOf2_32(), and llvm::XCoreISD::LMUL.

◆ isValidSEW()

static bool llvm::RISCVVType::isValidSEW ( unsigned  SEW)

Definition at line 344 of file RISCVBaseInfo.h.

References llvm::isPowerOf2_32().

Referenced by encodeVTYPE().

◆ printVType()

void llvm::RISCVVType::printVType ( unsigned  VType,
raw_ostream OS